Guide To Customize Perfect Basketball Jerseys

by Online Custom on June 24, 2022

It is very difficult to get perfect basketball jerseys. So how do you make an important choice like this? What factors are there to consider? Well, you’re in luck: This is the professional Sports on Earth Guide to Jersey Customizing.

Ok, sports fans! Here is exciting news you must know: if I tell you that you can design your basketball jersey, including your favorite logo, number, and name, IN LESS THAN ONE MINUTE, would you believe it? Sweating to create a stylish look for your basketball team is a thing of the past.

With Fiitg’s online basketball jersey examples, you can proudly give your teammates a sneak peek of how amazing their basketball uniforms for the season will look! No need to get everyone involved in the jersey designing process, do it yourself and send them the photos for approval and to build up the hype, this way all they have to worry about is winning the game!

The first step in finding the right basketball uniform for your team is to determine which look is best for your players. You will want to ensure you look as good as the pros, this is why it’s super important to take as many tests as you can before committing to a specific look. But hey, that’s a pricey thing to do, right? Well, with Fiitg’s basketball uniform mock ups you don’t really need to make the actual uniforms to see what they will look like. has tons of different fonts you can choose to visualize your team’s jerseys. Suited for all kinds of basketball players, from pre-Little League to semi-professional Basketball league, raglan t-shirts combined with matching color basketball hats and pants make for an excellent basketball uniform. You will see how your players will start taking pride in their uniforms and strive to play as well as they look. In this post, I will show you how to make these basketball jersey templates in seconds, from your browser, and without any design knowledge or skills at all!


How to Make a Basketball Jersey Mockup

Alright, so customizing your team’s new uniform for the season makes sense, right? Well, good news! The process of creating it yourself is as easy as it gets. Follow these simple steps to make a basketball jersey to showcase your new uniforms like the pros.


Step #1 – Choose Basketball Jersey Templates

We have many high-definition basketball jersey templates for you to choose from, just visit and browse through them. Check out some of our latest basketball uniform templates below:


Step #2 – Custom Your Jerseys

Each basketball jerseys template will let you personalize the garments with the name, number, and logo of your team. All you need to do is clicking the mouse following our guide at our online shop. First, choose your gender and size on the right side. Second, input the names including your team name, your own name, and numbers.


Step #3 – Upload Your Team Logo

Simply upload the file, choose where you want it to be embroidered in the jersey, which will help make your team stand out the most! And you will instantly see what your new jersey looks like in real life!

See, it’s as easy as that.

We already showed you how to design a basketball jersey for your team, so now that we have that part covered up, it’s time to make your ideas come to life with photos of real-life ballplayers wearing jerseys, raglans, and full basketball gear with your team’s logo! Wearing a team’s uniform is more than nonverbal screaming at passersby. It’s a commitment and a public vow of loyalty. It’s like a peacock getting to choose its feathers and picking feathers with a Cubs logo. It’s a leap not made by the faint of heart. is committed to making high-quality athleticwear that will work as hard as you do, whether you’re training, going for gold, or just having fun. Since we have our own factory, we can keep a watchful eye over the manufacturing process. Get started on a championship season with new custom jerseys from